Mission, Vision, and Values

The Coconino Rural Environment Corps (CREC) promotes stewardship by implementing a variety of conservation and service initiatives; encourages personal development through a combination of training, work experience, and educational opportunities; and carries on the tradition of the Civilian Conservation Corps with hard work, dedication, and pride.


CREC programs build healthy and sustainable communities, a trained and experienced workforce and a nation of environmental leaders.


Work - In the spirit of service, we take pride in working hard to care for the environment. We value honesty, accountability and consistency.
Personal Development - We maintain a positive attitude in the face of challenges, viewing them as opportunities for growth and learning. We take responsibility for our mistakes and our successes, and we learn from them.
Community - We honor the diversity of perspectives that each and every person brings to the organization. Through building trust, we strive to create connections with each other, with project partners and with the environment that will last far beyond our time with CREC.