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April 3, 2012 Britta V. writes:

I hope everything is going wonderfully at the CREC office. I miss it there so much!

I wanted to let you all know in the office that I am having a great time in Greece and getting to do some pretty cool hiking! I've been checking out all kinds of trails...and Greece needs some CREC action for sure. My favorite place so far has been a region called Meteora, which is an area full of huge rocks/cliffs on top of which monasteries have been built that are centuries old.

It is worth mentioning though that as much of a great time as I am having here, I have really been missing CREC. Many times I have wished that I could just be off on a mountain somewhere with the Trail Peeps. I really had such a great experience with you all! So thank you for being such great support staff during my time there! I've really never worked for a better run organization with better people.

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